Pregnancy almost over – it’s a BOY

Hey guys / gals , Munira here , pregnancy almost over (this week tops , and he is a baby boy ), and I was asked by you ppl if you can take a part to the babyshower , well you can with money , you can send us by PayPal at, in return I will give you guys some special, naughty gifts.


“I will be back ” – when I will get better and feel up to it !

Bye bye my friends !


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PS : Thanks Richard for giving me the ideea !

Shoe licker breakfast – task – PICTURES

This task was a little hard for him , he didn’t found shoes quickly , well quess where he is sleeping tonight !?

Read tasks done by him here 

I got Myself a new slave (Task and punishments)

I got Myself a new slave (Task and punishments)

Few days back I got myself a slave from Tumblr , his name is Degradeboy, but I like to call it slave.

Here is a list with some task I gave him and completed.

What he has to do next ( work in progress )

  • Masturbate as much as he can in one day
  • Sleep on floor again but without sleeping bag and pillow


If you have ideeas, what will you gals / boys will love to see him do next, leave a comments below

Valentines day raffle on CAM4.COM

Valentines day raffle on CAM4.COM

Hey , Munira here…

I’m making a raffle on Valentines Day.

The rules are simple , make a account on cam4 , get some tokens ( now you can buy tokens with paypal ) , and buy me gifts for tickets on the raffle .

But Munira I want to pay you with paypal.

Sweety , now you can on cam4 , they offer paypal as payment too 😉 check it out !



  • make account
  • buy tokens
  • buy me gifts ( depends on how much do you want to win , more gifts means more chances.)

Here is the price list , and the prizes.

Price list :

1 ticket = 1×5 tks gift   (One gift worth of 5 tokens )
3 tickets = 1x25tks gift  (One gift worth of 25 tokens )
5 tickets = 1×40 tks gift  (One gift worth of 40 tokens )
10 tickets = 1x75tks gift     (One gift worth of 75 tokens )
25 tickets = 1x150tks gift  (One gift worth of 150 tokens )

And what are the prizes Munira ?

 Here is the prizes :

  • 1 prize , will get 40 minutes with me on skype , I will make a hot show for you !
  • 2 prize , will get 20 minutes with me on skype

Just that ?

No , I have an ideea , if all gifts in this raffle time until Valentines day is more then 4000 worth of tokens I will make a new draw and one lucky winner ( IF he / she accept ) is going to get my panties from that show ( clean , dirty  or parfumed ).


Here is a few links for you :

Making account on cam4  —- LINK HERE       |     Buying tokens with paypal  —- LINK HERE



Miss Bella Claire – Interview

Here is a stunning webcam girl with a strong personality ! You got to love her she’s a GODDESS ! 😀


Bouncy Britney – Interview

Britney is awesome, take a few minutes and read this 🙂 Enjoy !


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